Vendor Services

Suppliers of equipment want to know they are in the hands of experts and more importantly, suppliers want to know that they are putting clients in the hands of an equipment finance expert.  Each of our representatives at Leasecorp have decades of knowledge and contacts to put all of your clients in the very best position to get the the best outcome possible.

At Leasecorp we are not simply looking to assist your best clients, we want to work with ALL of your customers. While we can offer the very best rates for your well established clients, we also have innovative ways to get financing for those in tougher situations, where getting the financing could very well mean the difference between closing a deal or losing a potential client to your competition.

Sending clients to the bank to discuss finances can work against you as bankers may urge your clients to reconsider any acquisition due to financial instability. Worse yet, banks often have connections with certain companies and they might send your clients right into the arms of your competition. At Leasecorp, we are on your side. We will promote your products and do everything possible to make the transaction between you and your client happen by discussing possible leasing and financial solutions until we find a deal that works.

We are experts at syndication at Leasecorp. When a client needs to purchase several pieces of a equipment but can only afford some, we will work with them to finance the equipment so that they can get their entire purchase approved. We have several credit desks available to ensure that our clients always have somebody to work with to get the best deal available to them.

With Leasecorp, if one credit department doesn’t like a certain situation, it’s often approved elsewhere.  Many times our customers never hear about the “stick-handling” we go through to get them approved, they only see the great results.

We like to make our clients happy at LeaseCorp and will generally take on any deal, no matter the size. If you have a $40,000 deal, followed by a $500,000 transaction and then one for $2,000,000, we are interested in doing all three. Large or small - new or used - easy or tough: We know how to get them all done for you.

When the deal is completed, we get the money to you ASAP.