About Us

Barry Johnston

Managing Director

After leaving College, Barry took a job at an equipment finance organization collecting past due accounts. Later he moved into the marketing side of the business and has been negotiating and signing lease finance transactions for over 30 years. His resume includes executive positions within the industry including, Director of Aviation Finance at a US bank subsidiary, Corporate Account Manager at one of the Canadian Banks and a Senior V.P. of Sales at a mid sized independent equipment leasing company.

Bob Rouse

Managing Director

Bob is a business graduate from the University of Toronto and has lived and worked in southwestern Ontario for more than 30 years. He has held a variety of sales and management positions with major Canadian and US banks and other financial institutions.

Remi Barriere

Quebec Regional Manager

Remi is a business graduate of HEC Montreal University and has worked in the province of Quebec for over 30 years. He has had a variety of sales and management positions with Canadian and International Banks, as well as other Equipment Leasing and Lending institutions.


Our strong reputation isn’t built through televised, online, or newspaper advertisements. We’ve built our relationships with our clients through our fantastic service that is passed along through word of mouth and vendor referrals. In the end, our success is not measured by a single transaction or event. Our success is the building of strategic relationships with our partners, and delivering customized solutions that produce powerful results.

In today’s highly competitive environment, business success depends on how quickly an organization can respond to changes and turn them into opportunities. Thus, more than ever, it is essential to develop a strategic relationship with an experienced financial partner that understands your vision and mission, and supports you through these changing times.


We are committed to utilizing our experience and expertise to develop distinctively responsive and flexible financing products for our clients and our funding partners.


We place a strong emphasis on integrity, accountability, respect and teamwork.

Funding partners

Our Funding Partners include: Canadian Banks, Foreign Banks, Independent Lease Organizations, Life Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Savings and Loan Companies, Trust Funds, Individual Wealthy Investors.